Posted by: txtincorporated | September 13, 2008

Welcome to My Elevator! (or, What I Did this Summer)

Labor Day is past.  The beach is a fading memory and that definitive knell of fleeting leisure the schoolbell has begun once more to ring.  In that spirit let me talk about what I did with this year’s stretch of hot weather and lingering daylight.

The short answer:  I shelled out and joined my first die hard business networking group.  

I’m not talking some Web 2.0 page here, where you sit in your PJ’s typing hello’s to all your old clients and then waiting for whatever’s supposed to happen next.  No, this thing is hard core.  Once a week at 6:00am, rain or shine or 90º at 80% humidity, since June I’ve been donning jacket and tie to descend into the steam of my neighborhood subway and head off to a 7:00 breakfast meeting.  It’s kind of fun, actually.  All the business referrals make it a draw, too.

And I had no idea how many apparently successful businesspeople have no inclination whatever to be out that early.  Nonetheless, there the proud, few 20 or so of us are, around a table with orange juice, coffee and odd little pastries, our card cases at the ready.  By the way:  three absences and you get the boot.  For this I’m paying over $1400 a year?  You’d better believe it.

If one observance is de rigeur at every meeting, it’s the elevator speech.  Members each stand in turn, make a 30 to 60 second statement summarizing who they are, what sort of business they’re representing at the table and what sort of contacts they’d be most interested in making.  When the alloted seconds are up, our mortgage guy rings a bell.  You’re done.

During my weekly breakfast elevator, I’ve been methodically filling my colleagues in on what it actually is that writers do aside from making sure your company’s name is spelled correctly and none of your materials use the word “ain’t”.

We started with setting up correct format, and we’ve now gotten to controlling for style and tone.

And guess what?  You get to read all those elevator spiels here.  So don’t change out of your pajamas!  Just stay tuned.



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