Posted by: txtincorporated | November 20, 2008

Elevator 1: What Do Writers Do? (And Don’t Just Say “They Write”!)

As promised in my previous post, here is the first in a series of 60-second “elevator pitches” I’ve been using to familiarize business networking partners with what I do.  In any new setting, I start off with the basics:        

My name is Nathan Keene. I write both promotional copy and informative content for Web sites, marketing materials and business communications, like presentations and proposals.
Too often businesses take good writing for granted. In fact, it is a consummate process. I’ve mastered that process—from brainstorming through the final draft—over 20 years of teaching and producing business writing. Whether helping clients plan a communication strategy, drafting their text or even just editing it, I’ve seen how polished writing sharpens your image just like an elegant Web site or a well-cut suit.

Web developers and graphic designers are my most powerful referrals, and I also work with a number of business people directly, both consulting and writing.

Nathan Keene, txt, incorporated: Get It Written.