Posted by: txtincorporated | February 16, 2009

Elevator 3: Everybody Needs a Little Structure

Continuing my series of 60-second BNI elevator pitches, I sum up how a writer moves from the visual aspect of your writing to helping you control the text itself:      

In my last elevator pitch I mentioned how important it is to convey professionalism with correct formatting in your documents—even less formal ones like e-mail messages.

Just as important is your document’s structure. A well-written beginning, middle and end signal clearly what your message has to do with readers, what it is, and how you want them to respond.

On average, executives spend 7 seconds looking at a piece of text before they decide what it means to them. Text that’s disorganized, repetitious or fails to establish relevance immediately is too easy to misunderstand—or just toss aside.

I work with Web and graphic designers, project managers, marketing directors and entrepreneurs themselves to organize their communication so it conveys its message efficiently. If you know any of these people, I’d love to talk with them!

Nathan Keene, txt, inc.:  Get it written.