Posted by: txtincorporated | February 22, 2009

Elevator 4: You Talkin to Me?

Having touched on the importance of an appropriate format and clear structure, in my next BNI elevator pitch I move deeper into the actual content of your writing with a look at why you need to consider your audience before you start:        

People often assume if you’re talking about a writer, that’s someone primarily concerned with spelling and grammar. True, those mistakes can be embarrassing, but they’re not the most damaging problems for communication.

I’ve already mentioned how much more readable clear formatting and structure make your documents, but it’s just as important to remember your different audiences and their agendas, too. When I’m working on something for a client one of the first things we consider is who’s going to be reading it, why, where and when.

Even when you’re dashing off an e-mail or a memo on your own it helps to take a moment and consider the audience and context this way. For important pieces it can play a major role in how your message is received.

If you’re talking to a Web or graphic designer, a project manager or art director, chances are they or their clients face this issue every day, and I may be able to help them out.

Nathan Keene, txt, inc.: Get it written.