Posted by: txtincorporated | March 12, 2009

Elevator 5: The Art of Words

My previous BNI elevator pitches have gradually shifted focus from how you plan your document to what goes into it.  Now we’re just about ready to write: 

Communicating with partners, colleagues and customers is about more than just stating your case. One of the areas where consulting with a writer can make the most difference is when it comes to deciding what strategy will move or inform your readers most powerfully.

Will airtight logic work best, or should you appeal to emotion? Should you start by getting down to brass tacks, or justify your conclusions carefully before revealing them? How about your tone: casually breezy, warmly intimate or formal and restrained? Sometimes the less consequential a piece seems the more difference strategy makes.

I help Web and graphic designers, project managers and art directors navigate such issues based on the purpose, type and audience of the piece they need. They’re all great people for me to meet; if you know any or are one yourself, let’s talk!

Nathan Keene, txt, inc.: Get it written.