Posted by: txtincorporated | May 27, 2009

Elevator 6: The What and the Why

In this BNI elevator pitch we get to the heart of determining the content in your document.  This is the part where you actually have to start writing:        

If you’re far enough into a piece to plan its format and structure, target its audience and choose your approach, chances are you have a good idea what your message is going to be.

So whether dashing off a quick note to a colleague or working on a chapter for a book, you’ve defined, say, five key points you want people to comprehend and act on—and of course which action you want.

It may seem strange to establish the what and the why only after the who and the how.  And sure, the first two may be givens.  Still, they’ll probably fall into place more easily with preparation.  If they don’t, maybe your message isn’t so cut and dried after all.

Focusing your message is where your writer, working alongside your Web developer, graphic designer or PR/marketing consultant, can often help the most.  And those are all great contacts for me!

If you are one or know any, I’d love to chat.

Nathan Keene, txt, inc.: Get it written.