Posted by: txtincorporated | July 21, 2009

Elevator 7: How to Keep Your Tone

My penultimate BNI elevator pitch deals with one of the final steps in writing:  shaping the attitude and personality your readers will perceive in you and your business.

If you’ve stayed with me through all these steps, you may feel like writing is more about planning your words than getting them onto the page.  Not entirely:  it’s also about editing them once they’re there.

Once you’ve strategized, formatted and structured your message, and once you have actual words on paper (or screen), really you’re just getting started.  Now it’s time to make sure your words not only say what you really want said, but show you as you want to be seen.

What tone best fits your brand?  Are you casual, breezy and fun?  Sardonically hip?  Understanding and kind?  Crisply authoritative?  How you say what you say to your clients and partners tells them as much about your mission and values as what you say—sometimes more.

Your graphic or Web designer might notice inconsistencies between your copy and your branding, but most of these professionals won’t consider it their place to fix such problems.  Rather, they’ll try to refer you to someone like me, and if they don’t have editorial services in house already, I’m always happy to partner with them on your project.

Nathan Keene, txt, inc.:  Get it written.