Posted by: txtincorporated | September 27, 2009

DON’T is Out!

Anyone who’s looked at my Samples page has probably noticed my work on a book project called DON’T, whose author, Marco Larsen, heads the boutique publicity firm PUBLIC nyc.  The book’s full title states its purpose nicely:  DON’T, the Essential Guide to Publicity in New York City (and Any Other City That Matters).Marco calls DON’T“a distillation of my own, my clients’ and contacts’ experience on the hard, bright streets of the World’s Greatest City,” and as you might imagine, throughout the book his wisdom is laced with sardonic—often hilarious—observation.If you’ve ever considered a career in publicity, have an interest in how the professionals do it, or just enjoy an occasional peek into the bowels of New York City’s 24-hour media machine, DON’T will be an entertaining read.  If you’re in any business that demands contact with clients or the public, any number of Marco’s pithy “Don’ts” will prove invaluable.

And after a final flurry of editorial polishing and a gala release party earlier this summer, I can now happily announce that DON’T is officially complete!  You can purchase it on Amazon, of course, or you can order from the book’s Web site, where you can also browse headings for a few choice “Don’ts” (“DON’T Commute in Running Shoes”, for example, or “DON’T Order Vile Hooch”).

Additionally, watch this space over the next few weeks for excerpts on writing, which Marco has generously agreed to let me quote here.

And don’t forget to enjoy the party snaps!

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