Posted by: txtincorporated | February 28, 2011

Skip Lunch! Mine Your Content

I recently edited an e-book for someone I’ve long known and respected as a fount of wisdom for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Leigh Beckett’s e-book is free, and I’ll let my forward speak to what it covers.

©Leigh Beckett, 2010

Get ready…

In an age when the platitude “Content is King” has become universal, it always amazes me how few businesses actually put it to work.  Just in the course of a business day many entrepreneurs generate more content than they could ever publish.  Yet they seem oblivious to it.

Thus, when it comes to taking just a half hour to showcase their mastery in a newsletter article, blog post or industry-specific Tweet, the few who consider it demur “If only I had the time!”  The rest never even suspect how powerfully genuine content draws an audience for the exact same message their costly advertising strains so hard to make heard.

Leigh Beckett, on the other hand, gets it.  The proof is the book you have in your hand (O.K., on your screen).  Better yet, Skip Lunch—Build a Website itself arises out of the very realization that one content strategy does the work of ten ad campaigns, often for less than the price of one.

Read Leigh’s introduction to learn how he realized his consulting services could make him money in his sleep by being turned into often free information products—and attract new clients for him to serve upon waking.  This book is one result.

Read it, and then navigate to to experience more of Leigh’s strategy in action.  And once you’ve read your Ten Killer Tips put them together with what you’re now about to learn; mastermind a content strategy for your own product or service.

Happy low-cost, high yield marketing!

Nathan Keene