Posted by: txtincorporated | August 5, 2011

I Gotcher Trendy Hotspot Right Here, Manhattan!

Among New York City’s wealth of well-known tics is the dread fear with which Manhattanites seem to regard a journey anywhere beyond the security of their island—particularly if the destination involves anyplace beginning with the word “Brook” and ending with the name “Lyn”.

O.K., I don’t really know anyone named Lyn.  Anyway, in my little corner of the Fuggedaboudit borough, we’ve lately begun to notice increasing numbers not only of big, red tour buses loaded with midwesterners in search of Spike Lee, but, popping up from our subway exits with equally bewildered looks, Manhattanites seeking, of all things, the latest hot spot.  I recently had the opportunity to write up one such locale for Travel + Leisure.

Read all about it here.